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10 Saving Tips for Christmas Travel | Your Money Habit


Planning a Christmas getaway this year or travelling abroad? This time of year is notorious for being busy and expensive. There are still plenty of deals to be found so it’s important to have a spending plan to track your expenses. Here out our holiday travel deals for this Christmas.

1. Shop Around

If you are using comparison sites to find the pest prices or going directly to the travel retailer, shopping around has never been easier. During peak season, it is important to keep all your options open, and don’t just pick the first deal you see.

Remember, most retailers will be willing to match a flight deal that you have seen and beat it by that little bit extra. It is also worth searching for flights that land at smaller airports within the same destination.

2. Check all airports

It is also worth searching for flights that land at smaller airports within the same destination especially at this busy time of year. There are other benefits to landing at a small airport such as hotels close by, less traffic and cheaper car rentals. Don’t forget there are fewer delays which can be a bonus during the holiday season.

3. Plan connections

When booking numerous flights, plan ahead to see if there will be sufficient time during layovers. Account for delays or weather conditions that can also complicate things. It could also be beneficial to check with different airlines to see if one connecting flight is cheaper than booking both flights with the same airline directly or retailer.

4. Avoid peak times and dates

Peak times at Christmas differ depending which day they fall on. Often flying on Christmas day itself may be the cheapest option. Consider which travel days will allow you to maximise the public holidays and long weekends, that way you avoid taking too many days off work.

5. Allow extra time

During Christmas time there are bound to be delays with flights as well as traffic jams on the way to the airport. Leave earlier than usual to arrive at the airport so as to avoid these delays.

6. Travel really early in the day

Airports are normally less crowded at 6am when people are normally home asleep. Delays are far less common at the start of the day so your flight will likely leave on time. Save on flight tickets too, as early flights are sometimes discounted to fill the seats.

7. Plan ahead

It saves a lot of time and hassle to print your boarding pass and hotel check-in information before you get to the airport. Skip the lines and use your smartphone to scan your boarding pass at the gates. Some Applications by airlines even offer flight discounts if you book with their App.

8. Look for travel deals and packages

When sticking to a spending plan, you probably have a limit on your expenses. Peak travel times can be the best for finding getaway deals that include flights and accommodation. You can still enjoy a short holiday such as a 3-day stay offered on many coupon sites, and you might even stay cheaper if you decide to stay longer.

9. Check your points

Have you been saving up on your frequent flyer or loyalty points over the years? This could be your chance to use them to get discounts off your flights and other holiday activities.

10. Pack your travel plan

Don’t forget to pack your travel itinerary and your expenses spreadsheet as a rough guide so that you can track how much you have spent during and after the trip. This can also be a great way to plan for your next holiday so that you know exactly where you money is going.

Know where your money is going every day with a certified spending planner. Get access to specialised software so that you can track your expenses and save up for that next trip!

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