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Business Masters Program

This program is for people who own and operate a small business and want to learn money management for both personal and business purposes.

For small businesses, income and spending for personal or business can often flow together. This can cause both short-term and long-term difficulties and complications.

This program teaches you how to manage and integrate both your personal and business finances. The first stage of the program covers the same material as the Money Masters Program for individuals.

Once you are secure with your personal money management and budgeting, we move onto the business aspects of financial management. Importantly, you will learn to integrate the management of money between personal and business uses.

The Business Masters Program takes approximately 10 months to complete.

This program runs over The course of 10 months and includes

36 weeks of live instruction and mentoring

Online course access

Instructional videos and PDF’s

Printable budget calendars, transaction lists and reports

5 x one on one Spending Plan Setup sessions

6 x monthly review sessions

Accountability support

Unlimited email and private FB group support

What you will learn

What you receive

Creating a budget for a small business often gets passed over in preference of more pressing day-to-day matters. It is seen as something restrictive, boring, and hard, though much of this is fear rather than reality. Financially successful businesses and individuals know, however,  that you need a good plan if you’re going to meet your goals.

Most of us weren’t born knowing how to intuitively manage our money. It isn’t part of our school’s curriculum and our parents didn’t like talking about money, let alone teach us how to manage it. There is good news, however; budgeting is a skill that anyone can learn and be good at.

The Business Masters Program is an investment into your future success that can pay for itself many times over. If you would like to chat about how this course can be a good fit for you, please request a call back.

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