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Amira MacCue

Meet Amira MacCue

Your Money Habit’s Health and Money Coach

I’m Amira MacCue, founder of Your Money Habit.

True wealth begins with your health. In this fast-paced world, it is easy to get off track just trying to keep up with the everyday demands on your time and money.

It can be hard to imagine a way forward through all the confusion and stress. Einstein said, “We cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking that we were at when we created those problems.” meaning that we need to look for solutions to our current struggles outside of our normal thinking. 

By using proven systems for optimal health including weight loss and financial management (budgeting), we help you create the results you are looking for.  There’s no longer a need to think up a suitable solution, you’ll have it in the palm of your hand.

Many people believe they must manage on their own and work really hard to deserve any sort of decent results. Who has time for that? 
I struggled for 15 years trying to find answers to my money problems and then my weight and severe exhaustion issues. I was shocked to find there was a solution that I had no idea even existed.
The hardest part for me was accepting that I could be helped so it wasn’t until I finally gave in and said “well I have nothing to lose at this point” that I let myself experience results I am forever grateful for. 

I, too grew up in a family that struggled with money problems. After many years of traveling the hard road, I sought help with money management. I finally learned a better way of dealing with my finances, from saving to spending, and achieved financial stability and success. Now, I seek to share this hard-earned knowledge and wisdom to support others with achieving their own financial goals.

One vital lesson I learned early on is not let things go too long without taking action. Things do not get better, and in fact can lead to further debt, loss, and emotional turmoil. Seeking help with money problems early can get you back on the right track before it is too late. Even better, when you work with us we teach you good ongoing financial habits to continue your success into the future.

If you have been experiencing financial stress or difficulty managing your money, come and speak with us. Take the first step on the path to financial freedom.

"Get control of your finances and make a difference"


Our vision is to end the taboo of talking about money and make using a well-thought-out spending plan commonplace. Through this we can empower people with the confidence to change financial habits and get themselves out of financial stress.


Our mission is to teach people new methods of budgeting, expense planning, and overall better money management skills. This helps them go from feeling ashamed, embarrassed, afraid or worried about money to achieving financial success and enjoying life with their loved ones. 


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