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Money Tips for Christmas Shopping Online | Your Money Habit

If you are doing the majority of your Christmas shopping online this year, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.

It’s often worth having a look at the sale section of a site to see if there’s anything you’re interested in on offer. There may also be days when free shipping is on offer.

If you know what item you are after, search for it online instead of going directly to the brand’s or retailer’s website. There may be ten other pages that you have to look through until you find a few that are cheaper than others.

Don’t forget to check for postage rates when you are comparing prices as they vary on retailer’s websites. The cost of the item may appear low until you add the shipping costs.

Online auction websites where you can “bid” for items, are another great way to find new items that have never been used for half the retail price.
There are many coupon and voucher websites popping up that have great adventure and restaurant deals to give as gifts. The vouchers usually cost less if you purchase more than one or if it includes four or more people such as a dinner.

If you are travelling this Christmas, make a list of costs such as flights, car service, petrol, accommodation and travel insurance and shop around for deals early.

Sometimes you can get a last minute accommodation deal on middle of the range hotels. If you’re driving somewhere, think about what day could be best to fill up on petrol and do it the week before Christmas.

If you have a rewards card, loyalty card or shopping docket voucher from the supermarket that you have been using through the year to collect points, Christmas is a good time to cash these in. Check your balance at the checkout get a few dollars off. Every dollar counts!

Once you’re at the checkout, don’t forget to do a web search for any discount or coupon codes that may be available to use for a further discount.

With a spending plan, you can work out exactly how much you can save before Christmas and what you have left to spend, without putting it all on your credit card.

Have a free chat with our certified spending planner and ask how you can save some extra money before Christmas and for the New Year!

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