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peace with Money Course

Have you have ever found yourself wanting to succeed in achieving a goal but no matter how hard you try, it just never works out? Then this introductory free peace with money course for you.

Most goals and dreams include a financial component to them. The stress of money, usually the lack of, or the challenges of managing money, often causes unwanted health and relationship issues.

Nobody consciously wants to struggle with money. This struggle, however, has been around for thousands of years. What is surprising, though, is that the majority of people worldwide still don’t have the answers they need to succeed. We believe this state of affairs needs to end. We believe that you deserve to enjoy the beauty of life while you can without worrying about money.

With this course, we do things a little differently than many others. The usual approach to money management is to create a simple budget and muster up the willpower to stick to it. If you have tried that before, you may not have had much success. You may also have been told by some
well-meaning person, or come to the conclusion yourself that you are just not trying hard enough.
This is not true!

We take you on a journey into why many you experience so much unease with money. We help show why this is not your fault and teach you what you can do to turn it around for the better.

Each lesson includes a video, a worksheet and  quiz. There is a bonus valued at $200 at the completion of the course.


Lessons Overview: 

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