Your Money Habit

About Your Money Habit

Teaching Money Management

Your Money Habit is a service aimed at educating people about personal money management. It helps them experience the full range of benefits that come from making smarter money decisions.

The business was founded in 2016 by Certified Spending Planner, Amira MacCue. Having come from a family that struggled with financial stress, she understands the challenges that many people face. Her goal is to share her knowledge, skills and experience to help people get through any financial problems they have. Her clients can then begin to live a future that is free from financial stress. 

Your Money Habit also includes a small and loyal team of support specialists to assist clients during their program. From our IT expert to help set up your computer and budget software, to our accountability advocate to keep you positive and on-track when things get tough.

Our Core Goals and Values

At Your Money Habit, our vision is of a world where people feel safe enough to speak openly and honestly about money and regularly engage expert support to excel at money management. We want to make the use of a well thought-out spending plan commonplace and to see people’s lives improve because of it.

Our mission is to support millions of people through their journey from financial stress to financial success. We help you move from being embarrassed, ashamed, afraid, or just plain confused about money to confident and empowered.

Our values


A willingness to take responsibility for our actions as an organisation as well as willingness to take responsibility for our actions as individuals. If we don’t understand something or make a mistake, be honest about being human and be willing to work towards a solution.


Communication includes co-operation and teamwork. Be open with our communication, look for ways to be clear and succinct. If a message isn’t received clearly by another refer to our accountability value. Be present and be empathetic by putting ourselves in the other person shoes. Strive first to understand, then to be understood.


A genuine care for others. To understand what we do affects others. To show kindness and respect for ourselves, others and our customers. By practicing self-care we are better equipped to care for others.


to contribute to the greater good of humanity by providing quality services and products that improve the lives of our customers and their families, contribution to important community services and global support of basic necessities.


Have the courage and willingness to let go of how “things have always been” and look for alternative solutions to challenges. Life should be fun and joyous, never a bore. We believe in looking outside the box and finding a better way of doing things that is beneficial for all.


what we don’t understand we can learn. Ongoing research is helping us better understand the human condition and our environment. There is also more than one way to do things. We can change the world through education.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe, understood and respectfully listened to. By committing to our values, we’re able to suitably support our clients whilst on their journey to success.


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