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Money is such a huge and everyday part of our lives. Money problems can have a strong impact on more areas of your life than just your finances; your mental wellbeing; your physical health, your family life, and your confidence.

Your Money Habit provides educational courses, coaching and bookkeeping services that helps you live a more inspired, enjoyable life. Understanding money is not innate, but a skill learned. We help you through that process.

Like all good things; commitment and time are required to gain significant results. However, with small consistant action, you will gain  confidence and peace of mind with the tools and support provided. 

We even offer a money back guarantee* if you are not better off financially within the first year.

So, leave the financial stress behind and set yourself free!

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Reducing Financial Stress

There are many benefits to learning budgeting skills and creating a spending plan. Feel more in control of your life, reduce the strain on relationships, and improve your physical and mental well-being. All of these are possible with our programs.

Self-Employed/ Casual Workers

The income for self-employed small business owners and casual workers can be very uncertain and irregular. Learn how to budget effectively, manage your income, and prevent overspending to get you through the ups-and-downs.

People Wanting to Work Less

There are many reasons why people want to work less; those getting close to retirement; parents spending more time with children, or; just needing a break from full-time work. Determine how much you can cut back whilst maintaining your lifestyle.

Seasonal Workers

For seasonal workers, the money they earn during the peak season needs to last them through the (often much longer) off-peak times. Discover how to create a budget that shows what you need to earn whilst the work is on.

Regular Income Earners

It doesn't matter whether you are a low, medium, or high income earner; spending tends to match income. It is essential to create a spending plan in order to manage expenses and budget for short, medium, and long-term goals.

Families on a Budget

There are many expenses to manage within a family. We want the best for our children, but this isn't always easy to achieve. Learn how to do a family budget to stretch funds and cater for everyone's needs, whether necessities or goals.

Learning to Save Money

Our programs can teach you how to save money and budget towards your goals, both short- and long-term. It could be saving for a house deposit or a car, or planning towards a wedding or overseas trip. Explore how much you can save towards your goals.

Getting Out of Debt

Do you want to learn how to pay off debt more effectively? Whether credit card debt, personal loans, or even a mortgage, overwhelming financial debt can be extremely stressful. Discover how to get out from under the hammer.

Reaching For Your Goals

By learning effective money management skills you gain the confidence to make positive plans for your future. Pay off credit cards or other debt, save for that house, car or holiday you want, and achieve the financial goals you have been dreaming of.

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