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I wanted to get skilled up on how to manage my money better, but didn’t want to read boring financial books. I learn better when I have someone who can talk me through processes anyway. 

Having Amira guide me through the steps to make good money habits has given me the confidence to recognise I am doing a good job. Before YMH I wasn’t really paying attention, now I have a good ‘grip’ on what ‘s going on. I have learnt that managing my money is an ongoing process, not set and forget.

I would say to anyone ‘If you have any doubts about where your money is going, or if there is always too much month at the end of your money, then this is for you!

Mary N. 

” I never expected that at 70 years old that my life could be exciting. I have always been carefree and spontaneous with money as my significant other has always been in control of our finances, just as both our fathers were in those times. I was concerned about the future when I may be left alone and did not understand financial management and would not be able to handle all the bills. I remember the stress for my Mother when my Father died.  I have been blessed to find out about the Money Habits course. Now with the software structure set in place I feel that I could manage better if I was ever left on my own.  Amira has been confidential, trustworthy, encouraging and always available. Knowing that support is always available helps me feel more confident. I highly recommend that you just sign up as you will never regret learning about and managing this important part of our lives.

Maree T.

“I have been working with Amira and seeking her guidance as a Spending Planner. Her knowledge and expertise is phenominal which has absolutely blown me away. Her style of imparting her knowledge in a very easy and understandable language is the main highlight her service. Her ever smiling face in all interactions with me, in person or on webinars, is a great quality she has”.

Umesh K.

“Before Consulting Amira, I had no idea I was capable of saving money. But once I joined the spending planner program and with Amira’s guidance, I’ve reached one of my big goals and am on the way to reaching my second. 

Thanks to Amira’s dedication, and always being there when I need her and her compassion, I’m on my way to acheiving anything I want.”

Sue. S

Amira has been amazing at helping my partner and I combine our finances and navigate our income and expenses (which had gotten into a mess). She has been patient as the process to identify our current and future financial status has been a roller coaster of information and emotions. Through out it all Amira has empathised and supported us into refocusing our spending (and saving) so we can look forward to getting ahead and enjoying the things we plan for and not panic when bills and other life unexpected hiccups come our way.

Lisa. S

“During our initial conversation Amira made practical recommendations which have made a big difference to the way I manage our finances. I am confident that as our plan develops we will be able to achieve the goals we have in mind.”


Amira has helped me to get my finances (savings and budgeting) sorted out and given great advice on how to get my financial goals for the future. 

Amira is a positive person to be around.”

-S. MacGregor

“I contacted Your Money Habit because I wanted to manage my finances better, save money for a deposit on a house but still be able to live my life and not feel like I missing out on fun!

With Amira’s help and support it feels like it’s all possible and we are well on our way!

If you want your money to work better for you and able to manage it better contact Your Money Habit. You won’t regret it! ” 

– S. Varga

“Thanks to the Spending Planner program I get to do the things that are most important to me even though I am on quite a low income. 
And what’s even better is that I now have it setup so most of it happens automatically.”

-Sev. M

“We found Amira and the Your Money Habit program to be a big help dealing with our spending habits and put us on the right track, recommend them to assist you all.”

-A. Wood

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