Your Money Habit

Maree T.

I never expected that at 70 years old that my life could be exciting. I have always been carefree and spontaneous with money as my significant other has always been in control of our finances, just as both our fathers were in those times. I was concerned about the future when I may be left alone and did not understand financial management and would not be able to handle all the bills. I remember the stress for my Mother when my Father died.  I have been blessed to find out about the Money Habits course. Now with the software structure set in place, I feel that I could manage better if I was ever left on my own.  Amira has been confidential, trustworthy, encouraging, and always available. Knowing that support is always available helps me feel more confident. I highly recommend that you just sign up as you will never regret learning about and managing this important part of our lives.

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