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Master My Money Program


Are you tired of feeling financially out of control and just wish you could just get started and stay on track?

Budgeting has gotten a bad reputation as something that is restrictive, boring and too hard to stick to. However, to be financially successful you need a good plan that will tell you exactly where your money is going, help you get your bills paid on time and allow you to have a savings/emergency fund.

Most of us weren’t born knowing how to intuitively manage our money, it isn’t part of our school’s curriculum and our parents didn’t like talking about money, let alone teach us how to manage it well.

Here’s the good news- budgeting is a skill that anyone can learn and be good at.


The program will consist of 7 group sessions & weekly emails.

The first 4 sessions are weekly and the following 3 are monthly. Each approx. 60-90mins long.

Session 1: Controlling weekly spending & creating barriers

Session 2: Setting up your plan & entering essential transactions

Session 3: Entering additional transactions

Session 4: Review First spending plan & preparing for monitoring

Sessions 5, 6 & 7: Monthly Reviews


The added benefits of being in a group setting is having like-minded people for encouragement & support.





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