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Money Workshops & Webinars

We have a number of live workshops and web events designed to help you with your finances.
  • Are you confused about where your money goes week in and week out?
  • Are you earning a decent wage (even above average), yet have nothing to show for it?
  • Do you feel you could do better with managing your money?

If you relate to any of the above questions then Let’s Talk Money Workshop is designed with you in mind

Why you should attend?

Why you should attend?

Financial fitness/wellness like lots of areas of life includes more than just 1 aspect. It is important to include:
  • Cashflow- know your numbers and how that effects your ability to meet financial obligations. 
  • Money Mindset- overcoming your money stories, blocks and self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • Income- Increasing your income streams beyond 1 main source
  • Protection- insurance, investing, planning for retirement

During this workshop you will learn about what financial fitness/wellness looks like  and what you can do to achieve it. 

Why you should attend?

To find a workshop or web event that suits you refer to the timetable below

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