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Are you actually someone who is really hopeless with managing your money or is it just that you were never taught the necessary skills? 

I hear the phrase “I’m just hopeless with money” alot. People genuinely believe that if they are experiencing financial stress then it’s because they’re not good with money management skills. This has never been the case.

After we start working together and they aquire the knowledge and tools they need, it turns out they aren’t hopeless with money at all. In fact, they’re actually quite good at day to day financial management and have gone on to reduce their debt, acquire savings and work towards goals that are most important to them.

So, my question to you is are you actually “hopeless with money or do you just need to learn the skills required to be successful?” 

There will be some of you who have tried and failed over and over and aren’t sure you can be taught or even trust yourself to do what it takes If that’s you then I’ll like to tell you about one of my amazing clients.

She came to me scared and confused about her financial future. Extremely worried about being able to keep the roof over her head and food on the table. With very little confidence in her abilities and ongoing struggles with understanding technology, she has learnt how to effectively manage her money, feels secure in the knowledge that she now has an emergency fund and has paid off a significant chunk of her debt. She’s even able to go on a couple of small breaks each year to recharge her batteries.

The vision she had for herself seemed completely out of reach when she first started but by consistently completing each step she moved herself from that place of despair to one of personal success.

If like this amazing lady, you’d like the opportunity to experience a similar transformation and you are ready to take back control of your life then click here to find out more about our programs. You can also join us on the community facebook group Let’s Talk About Money and get in on the conversation. 

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