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2019 New Year’s Resolution Success| Your Money Habit

As 2018 comes to an end we start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and what would we like to achieve in 2019. I love the idea of a fresh start in a new year and coming up with New Year’s resolutions. The big problem though is that most people forget them or give up in couple of weeks.

So here’s my tips for increasing the likelihood of achieving your goals this year.

Tip #1 Know WHY you want to achieve your goal and put it somewhere where you can see it every day. It’s really important that the reason isn’t something “wishy washy” It must be something that ignites some passion and drive in you. It’s also useless to use a reason you think someone else expects from you, you’ve used it before (and it didn’t help) or you think it’s something you should say.

To really understand what a compelling reason is, watch this amazing episode of Impact theory – jump to 27:04

Tip #2 Use your goals as passwords. This forces you to remember your goal every time you have to enter your password. Say you plan to take a family holiday to Disneyland and to do this you have to follow your spending plan and reach a certain amount of money. You could make one of your passwords Disney123 or maybe the dollar amount FiveThousand$ perhaps a combination of both.

I do suggest that you make a note of the new password somewhere.

Tip #3 Find an accountability partner and have regular check ins. Find someone you trust, swap goal lists and organise regular check in times (perhaps once a fortnight) to tell the other person what progress you have made towards your goals. Each person can get a small exercise book to write down their progress including the small stuff. This helps boost self-confidence and in the event you feel stuck or deflated, you can look back and see how far you have really come.

I really hope 2019 is a fantastic year for you and that these tips help boost your success 😊

Happy New Year



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